Simply Me Skin Care

195 E. 4th St. Long Beach, CA 90802 | Suite 2
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Hi! My name is Ivonne Fiorillo, I am a licensed Clinical aesthetician with years of experience. I specialize in all areas of skincare, especially acne prone skin! I have taken my time to study in Skin Biology & research hundreds of different products, equipment, and techniques; I only use the absolute best Medical Skin care products & FDA approved Equipment to give my clients the most effective results. Growing up I suffered with cystic acne and I was one of those girls who tried everything. Because of that I know what works, but more importantly I know what doesn’t work.
I am extremely passionate for every client and their skin concerns. Thats why I go above and beyond to provide the best skincare treatments to everyone every single time; by staying knowledgeable and committed to educating myself as well as my clients. Treating the skin from the inside out is an absolute must!. I develop specific skin care plans for every client.

The beauty industry is always evolving so I have created Simply Me Skin Care to provide the best technological and clinically advanced skincare treatments to my clients allowing everyone to feel confident in their own skin.

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