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Breyshere “Brey” Sampson, is a personable, gentle-handed, and quick Loc Stylist from Inglewood, California.

Brey began her entrepreneurial journey as a senior in high school. At just 17 years old, she independently studied natural hair, specifically its history and evolution and became interested in the social and cultural significance of locs. She wanted to be a part of that history. When she went off to college, she embarked on a hair journey that brought about an unexpected series of opportunities. Brey was self-taught and practiced maintaining locs on her own hair. From time to time her older sister who was also loc’d would also let her practice in her hair. Brey’s college dorm room was the “shop.” Folks around the college campus helped spread the word like wildfire. From then on, she created a home hair studio where she focused on educating and practicing healthy hair care routines for individuals with locs.

Social media helped catapult her hair career to the next level. With around 200 consistent clients at the peak of B’s career, she has been blessed indeed. Professional athletes, musicians, and songstresses have all sat in Brey’s chair giving rave reviews about her personality, work ethic, and dope styles. Today she serves as stylist to music stars, D Smoke and SIR.

Hair is not Brey’s only passion or expertise. She has a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science and a master’s degree in Educational Counseling and also works as a high school counselor. “I want to experience the fullness of my life and I know one way to accomplish this is by using my gifts. Hair is a passion of mine, but so is counseling. I am grateful that I can do both.”

In the future, Brey would like to produce video and on-site hair training for hair enthusiasts or stylists looking to learn a new skill set in order to promote confidence, care, and commitment to healthy natural hair.

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