Tenant Questions

What are Salon Suites?

A salon suite is a private suite that a beauty professional can occupy to independently run their business from. The benefits of running your business from a salon suite is you won’t have to share your profits with a salon owner.

What are your rates?

You can request current rates from our Available Suites (link) page.

What services can you support?

Salon Row can accommodate all beauty services, except: tanning beds, TBD

What makes you different?

Our concept is simple: Create a space that allows for individuals to thrive. We hope to foster your ability to build your own unique brand and create your best work.

Are the walls sound proof?

We’ve added extra sound dampening materials in the walls to minimize noise. Should be nice and quiet for tenants concerned about noise issues or disturbing their clients.

Can I customize my suite?

Yes, we have a range of customization options that includes paints and wallpapers. Our “   “ or you can submit any additional customization for approval.

Do you have any suites available?

For current availability, fill out our Contact Form to see available suites or be added to the wait list.

Can I sub-license my suite?


What is the length of the agreement?

We offer 1-year or multi-year license agreements. The longer-term agreements benefit you by locking in your weekly rate to avoid any market rate or price increases. If you need to get out of your agreement early, we understand life happens and will work with you on a case by case basis.

Client Questions

What services are available?

Hair Styling, Esthetics, Brow Artistry, Massage Therapy, Nail Technicians, Spray Tan Technician, Eyelash Technician, Med Spa

How can I book an appointment?

You can use our Booking Feature (link) or contact a professional through our Tenants Page (link). Each tenant’s contact information is listed on their individual pages.

Where do I park?

We have multiple convenient parking facilities with ample parking next to our location. Each parking lot provides 2-hours free parking. Or there is metered street parking on 4th street.

How do I find a new stylist or beauty professional?

You can view and filter all our available services on our Services Page (link).

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